extra acorns



extra acorns – for oak and acorn pendant


about the design:

These dinky solid sterling silver acorns have been produced to be added to the Oak and acorn pendant – so that a family unit can be personalised for her to wear!

One acorn to symbolise each child. Carried with you all the time.


This design is banked with The British Jewellers’ Association.


to wear & to give:

Simply add as many of these as you want added to the Oak and Acorn pendant to your order and we will do the rest.

For example if you wanted 3 acorns on the pendant, add 1 pendant plus 2 extra acorns to your order.


The acorns are solid and therefore quite heavy! Please bear this in mind when ordering large numbers.

These are currently only available with an order of an Oak and acorn pendant, do not come with a chain and are not independently hallmarked.


Weight: 3g


Luxury gift wrapping available.



“Every piece of my jewellery is beautifully made and perfectly hand finished from masters that I design and create myself. My jewellery has had lots of devotion and attention given to it. I hope you love it as much as I do” hb x



As with all silver some tarnish may occur on this piece over time. To clean your jewellery,  gently buff the tarnish away with the silver cleaning cloth included with your piece.




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