“I decided to be a designer when I was very young, during a conversation with my mum.

I’ve always spent a lot of time drawing and it seemed like the natural thing to do with my life… but of course it wasn’t quite that simple.

Being good at maths and science at school led to me deciding to be a doctor and specialising in Genetics.

I also worked for a year as a stand up comic, even performing at the Edinburgh Fringe. I always found live comedy so impressive – I threw myself into it without working out whether I actually liked doing it myself. (nope!)

I learnt a lot from all of my weird adventures and travel and eventually brought it all back into my design.






I’ve been very lucky in my career – and I am now working alongside an amazing team of technicians and mentors. Between us, we can design and make whatever we like!

(I’d love to pass these services on to you too – if you would like to take advantage of our custom work, please do get in touch!)


I’m a really devoted gamer and I love and appreciate the entertainment, beauty and community that games create.

Join me on PSN! My username = fracturedruby


As a designer I love making intricate and interesting things work and making them as beautiful as possible at the same time.”


behind the scenes

Credits and thanks

Photography – Helen Machin.

Hair and MUA – Naomi Emmanuelle

Model – Alexandra Broome.

Photography editing – Jomacker Mac

Website provision and technical – AllWebCo, GetBowTied, Sadie Oliver, Abdul Saboor Khan.

Social Media – Matt Young.

Business advice/mentoring – Jason Davis, Michael Gordon, The NAJ, Aldyth Crowther, River Lovejoy, Judith Lockwood.

Manufacture – JHF Castings, Birmingham Assay Office, Paul Need, Roger Taylor, DM Jewellery, Kim and the team.

Supplies – Cooksons, WG Ball, Marcia Lanyon, Potters, Talbots, moo.


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