happy 2015.

I have heard several times that one should live each day as if it’s their last, but I think I’ll go further.

Every day is a beginning and an end. Try to live each day as though it’s your FIRST AND your LAST.


So prepare the canvas. Try to eat decent stuff and sleep a decent amount, build a foundation of health for tomorrow. Be sweet, but also brave and try to build bridges that might lead to somewhere, or someone. BEGIN.

Take the freshness of it all and work with that. Today isn’t yesterday. The stubbed toes and snubbed feelings of history don’t have to matter any more. You may be physically a bit scuffed and broken or lost in tiredness, but there are always fresh paths. New music to listen to. Adjust your view so you can see the potential.


Not to forget, of course that it is also your last day. A day of taking stock and holding on. A day of gratitude. A day to live to the end. You might as well live to its end. It’s only one last day.

If you think you can quietly exit and close the door behind you, you can’t. That is the gentle sweep of the butterfly wing that leaves the tsunami behind it.


This might all sound really cheesy – and I’m sorry. It’s difficult to communicate ideas sometimes – but I like this one.

There are so many people that have nothing and so many things that can be taken away with cruelty and bad luck, I take it that if you are reading this, you have a computer, and so an indoors and some freedom and time.

Please feel the joy in that. Not in the things but in what they equate to.



Let 2015 be a succession of vibrant beginnings and finales. Please don’t wait. Please don’t let go. Please have a very happy new year. It’s there for you already.

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