The many perils of Hallowe’en and a rubbish cake.

Just a quick note really. Don’t order a takeaway on Hallowe’en night.

Bounding to the door with paper money can only lead to bad places when there is only a tiny vampire there. And money was far better than the treat he was expecting….

– a further note – to whichever of my neighbours was handing out bananas as treats. I salute you. Evil genius.


I like Hallowe’en. Ive never really engaged with it as a thing before, but it really lets creative people go a bit nuts….

I caught Hallowe’en Wars (a special edition of Cupcake Wars) on a while ago and was blown away with this little beauty, made from cake, pumpkin and sugar work. Blistering.

Vampire vs Zombie Marie Antoinette by the Blingbats on Halloween Wars

Vampire vs Zombie – Marie Antoinette by The Blingbats Team on Halloween Wars.


You SEE? A Google would give proper credit… God knows they deserve it….



Having bought too much sugary stuff through the end of October, I realised that my store cupboard is full of bits that I am very unlikely to get down to eating by myself.

My plan was to come up with some ways to throw these things together that make me look more clever than I am.

I thought that if I stabbed some holes in some peaches in fruit juice, then steeped them in amaretto, then made up some cupcake batter, shoved that on top and shoved it in the oven, it might work.


It didn’t. It bubbled though. Quite a lot. And the kitchen smells nice. In an inedible bubble kind of way.


It looks nice too….bloody thing.

AWFUL BASTARD Peach and Amaretto cake.

AWFUL BASTARD Peach and Amaretto cake.


Ah well. Next time, my pretty, next time…..



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